Hearts on Fire by T. Renee is an emotionally charged story that follows the lives of four women after a devastating fire accident that claimed two lives and that affected many others. Brought together by unfortunate circumstances, these women find themselves living in the same room during their adolescent years, like a family, only they know nothing or very little about each other. It is not until a crisis hits them again that they begin to understand the power of opening up their hearts.

One man’s courage in facing the violent flames of a fire, unafraid and unprotected, will change everything. Can this act of bravery change things for these four women and give them a new sense of family? This is a story that explores the depths of loss and human anguish, a story of the movement from solitude to solidarity, a journey of healing, of love and family. The story is loaded with psychological insights and readers get a clear understanding of the defense mechanisms we all live with at some point. Beautifully written in a prose that is both elegant and highly descriptive.

The author allows readers to connect with the powerful emotions of the characters through the masterful descriptions. This is a story that is rich in many aspects and readers will love the compelling cast of characters, the well-developed conflict, and the pacing, which moves fast. Hearts on Fire is one of those books that one reads and finds oneself going back to it. T. Renee has just won my heart with the emotional depth of this story.

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite


Hearts On Fire

“Overall, Renee has a keen talent for depicting trauma and the many defensive responses to it, and her book also intriguingly addresses the terrible traps of urban poverty. That said, the plot unwinds at a far too leisurely pace, and some of the dramatic twists sometimes have a soap-operatic feel.

A flawed but still powerful tale of loss and redemption…”




Hearts on Fire by T. Rene

“A powerful work of women’s fiction. Renee pulls
no punches, using urban slang and a flow of expletives to
underscore her realistic portrayal of life in the projects.
All four characters are clearly defined and each have an
integral part to play in the unfolding drama. Hearts on
Fire is a powerfully evocative novel about
society’s other half, painting an unapologetic
portrait that commands a visceral response from the
reader.” Self-Publishing Review


-Self-Publishing Review


GoodRead Reviews


Diane Wallace

‘ARC generously provided by author for an honest review’

3.5stars! …really deep,emotional and was a roller coaster ride with this less than family oriented drama filled storyline(sisters) which involves the foster care system. Good character development with some well place supporting cast also mature dialogue… very good storytelling and the start of a well written series..highly recommend to everyone


Carol Ann

it was amazing


Kate Vansuch

I was pleasantly surprised by the plot of Hearts on Fire. The storyline went in a different direction than I thought it would. This is a story of 4 sisters who have quite a tumultuous relationship. The author describes the book as a tragic love story and, refreshingly, the love story isn’t a romantic one. The book is about the relationships among 4 women who were thrown together in a foster home. They were drawn to each other among the other girls who were in and out of the home. The sisters too …more


Celust Flowers

it was amazing


Lilliane Lakarabe

very impressive. lt felt like l was in the book its self and reading my life through the book.

loved it.






























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