I was born a skeptic… seriously I was, just look at this face.


I’m a hard person to get to know. In person I can be somewhat standoffish and come off as ambivalent. People are often times surprised by the me they get to see because yes, I contradict myself. I am the loudest small voice in the room at times- surprising and unexpected.  But, in my stories, I am everything I write… every person, every moment, everything. I am the sarcastic asshole you hate for always chiming in, I am the person you wish you had to lean on in real life and call friend; I am the heroine, the villain and the underdog.

It’s my goal to write something for everyone. I want to make you cringe and cry and laugh from your gut. I want to be that writer that makes you feel something whether it’s anger, awe or heart ache because the best stories make you feel just that, they make you feel something. I want you to be able to find a friend in my fiction and hope in my poetry. I want to entertain, inspire and comfort and once I’ve done so, I wanna do it again and again.

So, in closing I say this, all of my titles are available on amazon and wherever ingram books are sold so, go on and pick one up and come on and get to know me… I dare you.














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